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With the help of a plug-in and several strategically placed tweaks I’ve managed to convince WordPress and Gallery to play nicely together.

Here’s my terse guide if you would like to follow in my footsteps. I’m going to assume that you are actually reading the provided installation materials and not solely relying on my terrible guide.

1) Install WordPress

This was quite a while ago, so I’m not going to be much help with this one. Follow the documentation and you’ll be fine.

2) Install Gallery

Installing Gallery is surprisingly easy. The install script is great and tells you exactly what is wrong and how to go about fixing it. Once installed I had no problem going through and configuring everything… well except for themes. I couldn’t really find a layout I was happy with, and I’m not looking forward to hacking around with the provided templates.

3) Install plug-in

Installing the plug-in in the same fashion as all WordPress plugins. Download, extract into WordPress directory, activate plugin, done. When configuring the plug-in you provide the URL to your gallery and it auto configures based on that.

i) If you’re using sub domains (e.g. and then you may have issues. I was able to solve this by disabling Gallery’s URL rewrite feature.

ii) Make sure that your WordPress user has the same name as the Gallery user. If not they won’t match up and the automatic logging in won’t function correctly. WordPress won’t let you rename the admin account but Gallery2 will.

iii) I ended up hacking up the template to add the Gallery “page”. There is a nicer way by using yet another plug-in. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader.

You can view my gallery by visiting the handy gallery link along the top bar. I’m still adding images so consider yourself warned.

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