Longest monday ever

Forgive the back postings (there will be more) but I recently went on a business trip and I want the post dates to match up with the actual.

Wildpalms hotel in Sunnyvale California

Today was the longest monday ever. Started as per usual by getting up and having breakfast. Filled in the rest of the morning by doing some preparatory work followed by lunch. Worked for a couple more hours then grabbed a shuttle to the airport. Checked in, waited for plane, got on plane, ate, watched movies, slept, ate, landed at San Francisco International, disembarked, and cleared customs. There was a bit of confusion over who was picking up who at the airport; eventually someone turned up to take me down to Sunnyvale where I checked into the hotel. From there I was taken into the US office in Santa Clara and worked the afternoon. Had a quick dinner at El Torito followed by sweet sweet sleep.

All on a monday.

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