If you’re going to make a better mouse trap, make sure it catches mice

My parents house is covered in picture frames, so for for christmas I got my dad one of those digital ones. At least that way they can reclaim some of their wallspace. Anyway before giving it to him I got the chance to load it with some images and have a bit of a play. While not disappointed I was surprised at some of the basic stuff the manufacturer got wrong. So here’s a couple of tips for you digital picture/photo frame designers:

Aesthetic look

Picture frames shouldn’t detract from the picture. They act as border and help focus the viewers attention perhaps even adding depth to an overall image. A corporate logo emblazed across the bottom of your frame does not meet any of these goals.


Picture frames primary function is to display pictures. That’s what they were designed to do. Calling your product a digital picture frame and then failing to actually display pictures when you turn it on is crazy. In this particular case you are instead greeted with a menu where you have to select you want to look at photos off of this USB key.

Oh and why do most of them have speakers?!?

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