Cisco 700-23918-01

Step 1: Apply Cisco 700-23918-01 REV D0 to an appropriate surface

Step 2: Attach Cisco WS-C2960G-24TC-L to the Cisco 700-23918-01 REV D0 from step one

Congratulations! Your twenty four port switch is now attached to the side of your office cube

How cool is that?┬áCisco refer to it as a “Magnet Mount”, and ship them with their eight port switches.

I should also mention that labeling things “Santa Clara R&D” does not┬áprevent them from growing legs, running off, taking long wild vacations, and eventually returning home slightly bruised and battered. Only a large metal box, surrounded in concrete, dumped at the bottom of the ocean can help to prevent that.

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