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Difficult to replace

Minimize door removal. Difficult to replace

Painted on the side of an older aircraft at the Pima Air & Space museum. Too bad I didn’t note down which aircraft it was. But I can tell you it was dark green.

Many colours of the South Bay

South Bay of Silicon Valley in California consists of all sorts of strange and weird colours. Which are especially noticeable from the air when landing at SFO.


There’s one area in particular besides the Palo Alto airport that is crimson red.


Turns out that this area is a salt marsh known as The Baylands. Where Pickleweed gives the area its red-ish colour.

Application updating

In a previous post I suggested an application which would centralize and manage software updates. While not quite what I envisioned; File Hippo does a good job. There’s even an update checker tool which will scan your local system and let you know if newer versions of supported software are available.